Plan My Medical Trip

PMMT is where the medical syncs perfectly with the tourism. It provides access to the best doctors, surgeons and hospitals in the most beautiful locations around you.

The Challenge

The healthcare sector in most Underdeveloped countries suffers from an access and equity problem, followed by an inability to deal with chronic disease. Plan my Medical trip aims to remedy these with quality technology, being the platform that makes healthcare available to those who have left their own systems behind.

The existing one

Anurav & Vandit (Founders, PlanMyMedicalTrip) seemed unhappy with their existing product and reached us out to revamp their idea of medical tourism. We studied their product thoroughly, had several brainstorming sessions and revised the basic structure of the old PMMT website.

Watching that daily ; No wonder why they were pissed!


We started off with basic paper & pencil wireframing. After a solid proofing from the design team, we mailed the wireframes to Eric. After receiving the heads up we started right away with the UI design and sent the first draft of profile screen.

Treatment Card

Each card had to be informative and graphical, considering the target audience. Iconography and type style varients played an important role.

Amenities icons
  • Cab

  • Medicines

  • Translator

  • Sim Card

  • Hotels

  • Flights

First Look

Conventional web practices were implemented to provide a hassle free user experience to it’s users.

Video calling

The other extensive feature, video calling allows a user to have a live video session with doctors on PMMT.

A user may even schedule a video call if the chosen doctor is unavailable at the moment.

Hotel Bookings

There would be patients travelling overseas and looking for accomodations.

The Result

The redesign of PlanMyMedicalTrip revealed tremedous upshots within a period of 3 months. Their profits inflated largely and also generated a spike in user acquisition.

Allurive along with Code Brew Labs provided us the kind of quality and expertise we were looking for. They are a bit expensive but their hard work is worth every penny. We are really contented with the effort they have put in our product.

Anurav & Vandit
Founder, PlanMyMedicalTrip