Neby is a social app that shows you prospective partners who would tag along with you for any activity you post on the app.

The Challenge

With the ever increasing competition between mobile based dating applications like, okcupid and tinder, it felt rather impossible to penetrate the dating industry to Akash and Akanksha. It was then, they discovered an underlooked opportunity in the void created by these popular dating platforms and Neby was born.

The Idea

Users of the app are presented with potential users up of your interests from the surrounding locale. After posting an activity, the user can either reject the potential partner who requested to tag along with you, or accept, suggesting interest in going out and starting a conversation.

The Wireframing took a day or two after few brainstorming sessions with the team.

The construction

We settled on a design that would follow the Material Design guidelines, but at the same time reflected a unique identity for Neby. Material Design had just been introduced and we were anxious to apply it’s intelligent and purposeful iconography, animation, and interface design principles.

Navigation & flow

We thought of using Android’s native tab bar, placing at the top so as to avoid any conflict with the floating button’s usage. Additionally, the user can use swipe gestures to navigate through screens or can simply tap on the navigation icons.


Users get to post their activities along with relevent tags to increase reach.


Users create posts inclusive of images along with caption. People view these posts in their locale.


User’s all activity groups are populated here. He/she may converse in groups created by him/her or joined ones.

Post an activity

Super intuitive workflow to post an activity. Include time, place, number of people and tags.


Users get push notifications for any activity on their feed or activity


Chat design was kept user centric and allows user to post gifs, images from gallery, share loaction.

Camera workflow

Users get to use camera to post images or use gallery.

Quick filters

Popular quick filters add a pop to your captured pictures.

Our friend (previous clients of allurive) referred them to us and they blew our minds on the very first meeting. We had our app designed previously and were not happy. What allurive did was not just a redesign but they invented it, conceptualized it. We are extremely glad with what they did for us.

Aakansha & Aakash
Founder, Neby