LocalUp combines the power of social networks with the reality of local community life to provide you a life-changing opportunity

The idea

It’s easier today to connect with your schoolmate living thousands of miles away then with the folks in the next block. Few of us can claim to know beyond a handful of neighbors. This is where Vikram came up with LocalUp that encourages people to build local connections and have a much more fulfulling lifestyle. Afterall, however good your old pals are, you need someone local to play tennis with or to be your running buddies. LocalUp!

Typography & colors

San Francisco - Bold

Green #7BE4B5

Bryant pro - Bold

Buttons and tappable content
black #000000

Bryant pro - Regular

Body and subtitles

The App

The app was intented to be used for posting content and heavy imagery which required minimal visual noise. So, we went with simple & smooth user experience and intuitive interface.

Minimal visual noise, clean typography, minimal color usage, simple structure and intutive ui.

Design & Layout

Conventional bottom tab bar with consistent iconography. Ease-in ease-out animation curves for smooth user experience.

The idea of the app is to let user explore people in his/her neighborhood, join clubs, explore products for sale/rent, be updated with the happenings around his/her neighborhood. Minimal visual noise, minimal distractions and thought-out typography make the content highly readable and easy to use.


Users get to post stuff and is viewed by his/her neighborhood.

Explore clubs

A user may join or create a club based on his/her interests


A user may buy or trade merchandises posted nearby.

User profile

A user may add another user as his/her friend. View his/her interests, activity and location.


A user may explore events happening in his/her neighborhood. He/she can invite his friends or create his/her own event.


We were really glad how LocalUp turned out to be. Just the right blend of google’s material design and our own design philosophy established LocalUp as an authentic digital product.